CG Finance offers you its investment advisory service if your time is precious, and you would like an expert to oversee the management of your financial assets

The CG Finance Investment Advisory Service provides tailor-made asset management services, based on an in-depth analysis of your needs.

First, we devise a wealth management strategy together with you and we then implement the strategy and monitor your investments frequently in order to constantly map market changes to your objectives.

To obtain a well-structured portfolio and properly define the strategic asset allocation, we need first for you to answer the following questions:

  • What share of your capital can you dedicate to investment?
  • What kind of reserve must you plan for to meet major expected or unexpected expenses?
  • Would you like to receive constant revenue, to maintain a certain standard of living?

This approach goes beyond the traditional risk profile approach, in which a single, mixed-risk profile is used to respond to different needs.

Throughout the entire process, we help you answer these essential questions. We examine your revenues and requirements, both at present and in the future, as well as your age, plans, aims, family situation and your attitude to financial market volatility.

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